Welcome to Kubicek Balloons UK


Since 1983 Kubicek Balloons have been manufacturing hot air balloons and inflatables for customers around the world. With over 1600 Hot air Balloons built to date, Kubicek Balloons is one of the largest and trusted Hot air Balloon manufacturers in the world supplying balloons to the USA, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Each Hot air Balloon built by Kubicek are customised to the clients requirements and built in house from our factory in Brno in Czechia. Kubicek is the only Hot air Balloon manufacturer to produce its own fabric which is specifically designed for Hot air Balloons enabling us to build balloons which lasts considerably longer than other types of fabric available.

Whether you are considering replacing your old balloon equipment or looking for a complete bespoke balloon we have the solution to suit you. Kubicek also produce special shaped balloons which are perfect for advertising or attending events around the world.

Please take the time to look through the site. Should you wish to get more information or even quote please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Types of Hot air Balloons we Manufacture

Private & Sport Balloons

Our range of Private and Sport balloons have been designed to help pilots to enjoy their Ballooning around the world.


Special Shape Balloons

Kubicek are leaders in turning a product or character into a Special shape Balloon to turn heads and cameras.

Advertising Balloons

Our Corporate Advertising Balloons have been designed to showcase the clients brand in a professional and stand out way.



Baskets designed and equipped to suit your needs. Kubicek Baskets are equipped and made using only the best materials and with everything you need to fly straight away.

Passenger Flying Balloons

Listening to Balloon operators around the world we have designed the perfect passenger rides balloon for your Balloon rides business.



Introducing the Ignis Plus Burner designed to suit all kinds of ballooning whatever your requirement.