About Kubicek Balloons

Kubicek Balloons is one of the largest Hot air Balloon manufacturers in the world with over 30 Years experience. From its humble beginnings in Brno in Czechoslovakia, Kubicek Balloons now produces over 100+ Balloons each year from a one person sport balloons to 32 people Passenger Carrying Balloons and beautiful specially shaped Balloons. Fully EASA and FAA compliant each of our balloons are made to aerospace professional standards in our purpose built factory.

Producing Hot air Balloons is just one part of the company and Kubicek is also one of the largest Professional Inflatables companies in Europe designed to meet client requirements as well as being a Private Fixed Wing Aircraft manufacturer.

Kubicek Balloons in the UK

Kubicek Balloons in the UK is represented by Doug Hoddinott a commercial Balloon pilot based in Bristol. Doug has been involved with balloons since the age of 4 obtaining his pilot licence at the age of 21 then continuing to gain his commercial licence several years later.

Working with the Factory on a daily basis, Doug is part of a worldwide team looking at promoting the factory as well as helping the factory produce innovative products to bring to market.

Whether you need support with your existing Kubicek Balloon or are looking for a quote for a new balloon you can speak to Doug who will be happy to help. He is also happy just to talk ballooning.