Advertising Balloons

Kubicek Balloons offers a selection of envelope designs suitable for placing advertising on the side to promote your brand and products. The smooth gore designs ensure the artwork is applied in a way which makes your logo fit perfectly increasing awareness of your brand. The Kubicek Design team can also turn your product or logo into a fully certified special shape balloon for the ultimate brand awareness tool.

All our balloons use our long lasting Kubicek Polyester as standard which is proven to out perform other materials used in Hot air Balloon construction, as well as keep your balloons colourful for longer.

For further information on our balloons please feel free to contact us or look below at some of our Balloons designed for advertising.


Z Type

The Z Type is 24 Gored Balloon and is perfectly designed to accommodate any logo or product on the side of the balloon.

XR Type

Designed for competition Balloon this super smooth design is perfect for Artwork while giving the pilot more control while flying

Special Shapes

Increase your brand awareness by replicating your Character, Product or Logo in the form of a Special Shape balloon.