Kubicek Hot air Balloon Baskets


A balloon basket needs to be robust and durable. It needs to take landings on all kinds of terrain and needs to keep passengers safe. This is why Kubicek Balloons take pride in their baskets and continue to build them within the factory with each individual customer in mind. Kubicek just don’t build standard models of basket, each basket is designed specifically for each customer.

Whether you need a basket to fit into an existing trailer, Want extra height on the sides or extra colour in the wicker of the basket, the factory team are ready to build your next basket. Kubicek baskets can also have the added option of an accessible door which enables passengers to enter in and out without climbing.

All Kubicek Basket also comes with a ready to fly equipment including Fire Extinguishers, Drop Line and First Aid Kits. Since the New EASA regulations of 8th April 2019 all Kubicek Baskets now come supplied with a Kubicek Pilot Restraint and Fixing Point as standard.

Types of Kubicek Balloon Baskets

Kubicek produce all kinds of baskets for whatever balloon is required from small open baskets to large passenger baskets. Please see below for a description and examples of baskets we produce.

Open Baskets

Balloon Basket.jpg

Open baskets are ideal for smaller sized balloons which carry several people. Each basket is designed to the size of balloon required providing enough space for people and equipment. Baskets can be customised to suit the requirements of the client.

These type of Balloon Baskets are applicable to balloon sizes 42,000-150,000cu ft. For additional options available to open baskets please the additional options section below.

Examples of Open Baskets

Sport Baskets

K13 Sport basket 3.jpg

Sport baskets are similar to open baskets but have been designed for competition ballooning. Designed with an aluminium frame instead of steel, using open basket weave and utilising a composite floor the weight of the basket has been significantly reduced.

To personalise your Balloon Basket you can add coloured cane into the design to match the balloon flying above it.

The Sport baskets come in two sizes and suited to balloon sizes 42,000-90,000cu ft.

Examples of Sport Baskets

P Baskets

P Type Balloon Basket.jpg

P stands for Partitioned Basket and designed to give the pilot his own space while passengers can enjoy their own space. This enables the pilot to fly unhindered with all the equipment in the pilot compartment. For this basket the balloon will be required to have turning vents.

These baskets can incorporate a door into the design to allow easy access for passengers entering the basket for the luxury experience. Why not look at the options applicable to these balloon baskets and others detailed below.

Typical sized balloons using these type of basket range from 140,000 to 210,000cu ft.

Example of P Baskets

Y/T Baskets

K50Y Type Basket.jpg

Y & T Type baskets are very similar style of baskets with subtle differences in its design. The T Type is a traditional style basket with 1 pilot compartment on side of the basket and 2 passenger compartments on the other. As well as taking up to 12 passengers on the largest size basket you can also carry a 5th Tank on the T Type. The Y Type has been designed for longer duration flights and enables a 6th cylinder to fit into the Pilot compartment.

Typical Balloon sizes for these style of Baskets are between 160,000 to 250,000cu ft.

Example of Y/T Baskets

TT Baskets

K50TT Balloon Basket.jpg

The TT Baskets puts the pilot in the middle with 2 passenger compartments each side. Passengers can be equally placed in each compartment to ensure a smooth operation of the balloon. Designed for Passenger operations these baskets can carry up to 24 people and operate on the largest of passenger balloons.

TT Baskets can include doors to allow passengers enter the basket easier. See the additional options available to baskets below.

These style of Baskets are suited on Envelope sizes 180,000-500,000cu ft.

Example of TT Baskets

Double TT Baskets

DTT Balloon Basket 1.jpg

The DTT Baskets are the biggest basket produced for the biggest envelopes. Like the TT baskets these are designed for Passenger operations with a Pilot compartment in the middle. 4 passenger compartments are each side of the Pilot compartment. Due to the size of the balloon, space is given to the Pilot compartment for up to 8 fuel cylinders. For envelopes larger than 500,000cu ft an additional pilot is required. The largest basket built is capable of carrying Pilot, Co Pilot plus 32 Passengers.

These baskets can only be used on the largest envelopes from 500,000-750,000cu ft.

Example of DTT Baskets

Additional Balloon Basket Options


Having a door built into your balloon basket makes ballooning much easier. Whether it is to load up your passengers or to get fuel cylinders in and out with ease. EASA and FAA approved these doors are kept secure with a locking pin to kept the door firmly closed while in flight.

Please note: envelopes must be equipped with Turning Vents for a door basket.

Composite Floor

Originally designed for the Sport basket a composite floor can be incorporated into the basket design of choice to reduce weight in the basket from the traditional Plywood floor as standard.


Kubicek basket can incorporate seats in the basket for flying VIP’s or High end customers. Combined with a door the basket can also help with passengers which are less abled to enjoy the balloon flight in comfort.

Please note the envelope must have turning vents to allow seats to be used in the basket.

Colour Cane

Make your basket distinct by introducing a bit of colour to the design. Maybe its to match your basket to your envelope or just to add a little colour to your design.

Available in a wide selection of colours you can make your basket as colourful and as bright as you require. Please see the available colours you can add to the basket.

Embroided Sleeves

Promote your company or your sponsor further by embroiding the pole sleeves. These sleeves will get captured in many photos and shared on social media. These are particularly effective with website addresses.

These are either available in Suede or Leather and available in selection of colours and styles suited to the client.

Rough Terrain Equipment

If you fly in areas which are particularly rough and dry you may wish to consider applying Side skids on the side of the basket. These take the brunt of the landing and help protect the wicker as you drag across the rough terrain.

Other equipment includes Heavier bottom skids, Pilot Support Bar, Straining beams, Reinforced Steel steps.