Kubicek Ignis Plus Burner

The Ignis Plus is the 3rd Generation of Balloon Burners developed in house by the Kubicek Factory team. Designed on the back of the popular and award winning Ignis Burner the Plus takes Burner develop further. Using feedback from Pilots around the world the Ignis Plus has been designed to operate in the harshest of environments.

Ignis Plus Features

IGNIS Plus design.jpg

Ignis Burner Options

Like all other Kubicek products you can tailor your Ignis Plus Burner to suit your requirements. Each burner is created to suit the basket and balloon it is built for whether it is a new balloon or an existing balloon in operation. If you need a new burner only please contact us to see what we can do for you.

Vapour or Liquid Pilot Lights

Depending on your preference you can have the Ignis Burner with either a Vapour or Liquid pilot light option. Either option is widely accepted in the industry and the option used is generally due to Preference, Fuel Quality or Climate.

Vapour Pilot lights for the Ignis Burner units are fitted with a second hose which takes fuel from a Vapour Valve on the tank. These tanks are generally called Master tanks and more information on tanks can be found on our fuel cylinder page.

Ignis Burners come with Liquid Pilot Lights as standard. However if you do prefer Vapour this can be fitted at no extra cost to suit your requirements.

Height Adjustable Frame

The Height Adjustable Burner frame gives you the option to make the burner perfect to your height. This can be especially important if you have team members who are different heights. The frame can extend the height of the burner by up to 10cm and reduce the height by 4cm from the initial height of the burner.

The Adjustable frame is suitable for Baskets K10-K22.

Note this option is not suitable with the Gimble Gyro.

Ignis Gimble Gyro

The gimble gyro is a Kubicek Innovation designed to make sure your burners point in the right direction. It ensures when you take you hand off the burner to throw a marker from the basket or to concentrate on a tank change the burner reverts to pointing directly up. This reduces the chances of accidental burning of the balloon.

Note this option is not suitable with the Height Adjustable burner.

Customised Burner Pots

Ignis Plus burners are the only burners on the market which can be completely customised. From simple colours to stunning bespoke designs each pot can be designed and tailored to how you like, their is no limit to the designs you can make for your burner.