Why buy a Kubicek Balloon?

Kubicek have over 30 years of experience in building balloons in all shapes and sizes with over 1600 examples. Each balloon is tailored to the clients needs in our purpose built factory and is fully EASA and FAA compliant.

What will my Balloon look like?

Before any new balloon is given the go ahead our experienced design team will produce a graphic visual showing you multiple angles of what the balloon could look like once built. This gives you a chance to see what the balloon will look like and to make sure we got the design correct before proceeding. All designs are kept confidential and can be amended to suit your requirements. Please contact us if you are considering buying a new balloon and would like a visual and a quote.

How much does a Kubicek Balloon cost?

A common question asked and too general to answer. The simple answer is it depends on what you are looking for, whether you are looking for a 2 person carrying balloon or a 32 passenger carrying balloon. Each balloon is also tailored to the clients requirements which could be a basic model or a Balloon with extras. However what Kubicek can guarantee is our costs will be reasonable and realistic. Feel free to contact us for specific quotes or more information.

How long does it take to make a balloon?

Again this is a question which is quite a common but the answer isn’t easy to answer as there are so many variables. Generally it takes 10-12 weeks to produce a small envelope 77-90 sized balloon however this is dependant on factory work levels and is not always possible. Larger balloons generally take longer and special shapes can take several months to produce. When a quote is issued you will be given a proposed delivery date, once an order goes through you will be given an exact date of delivery. Kubicek pride themselves on making sure they stay to deadline so when a date is given you can be assured you will receive your new balloon on that date with no false promises given.

Why does Kubicek use Polyester fabric instead of Nylon?

Put simply we think it is better than the other options out there. Please see our dedicated page on our Polyester Fabric.

What Material is better Lightweight or Regular fabric?

Choosing which fabric to use on your next balloon is an important choice and depends on your circumstances and what and where you will be using the balloon. If you are looking for a balloon to easily pack and set up then our lightweight options are excellent for you. If you are looking at taking your balloons to rough terrain countries and doing commercial activities with the balloon than our standard polyester fabric is a better option. As always we are happy to discuss this with you as we go through the design phase.

Can I advertise on a Kubicek Balloon?

Yes you can, in fact we have a range of balloons suited to carry artwork which sits perfect on the balloon and showcases the logo / product. We are happy to speak to you to discuss your ideas and help design a balloon to suit your requirements.

Do you have a Balloon I can buy today?

From time to time we do have balloons available and ready to fly these will be primarily based at the Brno factory for quick delivery but may also have balloons available in the UK. Please contact us to see what we currently have available.

Would you accept Part-Exchanges for a New Balloon?

Depending on the condition of the equipment we will possibly accept part-exchanges as part of the payment towards your new balloon, Equipment must be owned by the buyer and not leased or loaned. This is only open to UK & Ireland customers and It is recommended you contact us to discuss this option.

Can I get involved in Ballooning?

Yes you can, Ballooning is a brilliant and social sport and if you can get up early or enjoy early evening then this could be the hobby or Job for you. Whether you are happy to be crew or want to turn ballooning into a career as a professional pilot there is something for everyone. We recommend joining the British Balloon and Airship Club or if you would like more information please feel free to contact us.

Do you sell Balloon Flights / Rides?

We are sorry we only make the balloons that people fly in and don’t offer a Passenger Flight service. We are currently creating a web page to help you find a local ride operator.

Do you have a Question not answered?

We are happy to answer questions please contact us to discuss what you need to know and we will be happy to help.