Private Sport Ballooning

Kubicek Balloons has a wide section of Envelopes suitable to Private or Sport Balloonists. From 31,000cu ft to 500,000cu ft there is a model to match the design or requirement for everyone. All our envelopes are designed to be efficient which helps keep the price affordable to you.

We also have the most extensive colour range on the market using our own high performance Kubicek Polyester which is built in house. Our polyester fabric has been proven to reach between 500-700 hours and in some cases over 1000hrs.

For something a little different you can incorporate digital artwork into the envelope design to create an absolute stunning designed balloon and unique to you.

Should you require further information with is not on our site please contact us and we will be happy to help.


E - Type

Perfect for Sport and Private balloonists this 8-12 Gore style of Balloon is designed to be efficient, lightweight and affordable.


Z - Type

The Z Type is a 24 Gore style envelope which is perfect for advertising or more complex designs.

Kubicek XR Type Balloon.jpg

XR - Type

The XR (Extreme Racer) is designed for Competition Ballooning by competition balloonists.

Reasons to buy a Kubicek Hot air Balloon

  • 30 Years experience in building Hot air Balloons

  • EASA Type Certified

  • Reasonably Priced

  • Long lasting Kubicek Polyester

  • Lightweight Fabric Option

  • Designed and Tailored to your needs