P Type

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The P Type Envelope is the largest type of balloons Kubicek produce with the largest carrying 32 people. Designed purely for the passenger ride business it incorporates many features of the smaller Z Type but also incorporates features suited to the size of the envelope.

The envelope has a smooth shape which makes it perfect for sponsorship or promoting your ride business. Listening to customers the P Type has been designed with a rounded top to allow more control in ascending and descending. This rounding also helps to deflate the balloon by allowing the air to flow to the top quicker during final landing.

P Type envelopes have become a popular envelope of choice in some of the biggest Balloon ride regions including Egypt, Turkey as well as Europe, Africa, USA and Mexico.

Each envelope comes with Turning Vents and Fast Deflation System as standard and has a range of additional options available to suit any rides business.

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Examples of P Types

Available Model and Sizes

BB105P - 370,000cu ft - Pilot + 20 Passengers - See Design Chart

BB106P - 375,000cu ft - Pilot + 20 Passengers - See Design Chart

BB113P - 400,000cu ft - Pilot + 20 Passengers - See Design Chart

BB120P - 425,000cu ft - Pilot + 20/24 Passengers - See Design Chart

BB130P - 460,000cu ft - Pilot + 24 Passengers - See Design Chart

BB142P - 500,000cu ft - Pilot + 24/28 Passengers - See Design Chart

BB185P - 650,000cu ft - 2 Pilots + 32 Passengers

Additional Options

  • Rough Terrain Option

  • Additional Row of Nomex

  • Hyperlast Fabric supplement