Special Shape Hot air Balloons

Baren Bear Balloon.jpg

Kubicek Balloons have become world leaders in making special shape balloons for clients around the world. Each special shape balloon are designed to meet the high EASA standards to ensure it complies to being an airworthy aircraft as well as a beautiful balloon.

A special shape balloon is only limited by your imagination and our skilled designers enjoy making products and characters come to life. Kubicek have great experience in designing thousands of shapes not just Hot air Balloons but Inflatables too.

These type of envelopes can be broken down into three categories which have been described below.

Appendages on Envelope

For the most simple of special shape balloons are based on a traditional shape balloon with additional add-ons added to the side of the envelope. These appendages can be shaped to match a product or character the balloon is designed to promote. The operation of the balloon is similar to a normal balloon as the general shape is the same.

Product Replica Special Shapes

These balloons are designed to match the product down to the smallest detail. With Digital printing available on Kubicek fabric the product can be made to look exact. Attention grabbing whenever the balloon is flown they are guaranteed to get you noticed. Depending on the complexity these type of balloons may require a different deflation systems than the standard parachute including a Rip Panel. This is explained in the design process of each balloon.

Character Special Shape Balloons

Character shapes demand attention at events and are often the most loved wherever they go. Character shapes can either come as a company mascot or as a character dreamed up by the client. These balloons can use a standard shape design with add-ons and artwork or be a complete bespoke balloon specially designed.