XR Type


The Kubicek team were given the task of developing the perfect balloon for competition pilots and the answer was the XR (Xtreme Racer) Balloon. The XR series of balloons have been completely redesigned from the previous GP series. The balloon design has been streamlined to make the balloon extremely aerodynamic. The balloon can safely ascend or descent at a rate of 9m/s or 1800ft per minute which is matched by no other balloon and remain stable.

Further innovations in the design includes an innovative parachute design, extra horizontal load tapes and a tightened mouth of the envelope to stop the mouth collapsing.

The balloon is also perfect for advertising due to it’s smooth surface.

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Examples of XR Types

Available Sizes

BB17XR - 60,000cu ft - Pilot plus one Passenger - See Design Chart

BB20XR - 70,000cu ft - Pilot plus one Passenger - See Design Chart

Super Sport Sizes

BB22XR - 77,000cu ft - Pilot plus two Passengers - See Design Chart

BB26XR - 90,000cu ft - Pilot Plus three Passengers - See Design Chart

BB30XR - 105,000cu ft - Pilot plus four Passengers - See Design Chart

Additional Options

  • Rotation Vents

  • Additional Panel of Nomex

  • See Safe Windows

  • Lightweight Fabric Options

See the Xtreme Racer Balloon in Action

The following Videos have been taken by various balloonists around the world. These show the XR in action in rapid ascents and descents.

The next video is taken by Kubicek’s German representative and if you would like more information in German please visit the Kubicek Deutschland website.